Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2: fit to be tied...over forty & tying the knot

it was inevitable.

in retrospect, at least.

this match. this cocktail. this haphazard collision of two satellites who had, for decades, been orbiting a common planet.

the deceitfully conniving planet being my baby brother.

maybe it takes some kind of undeniable gravitational pull to transform a pair of solitary beings into something else.
                         maybe i just like the poetry.

ultimately or, perhaps, predictably - it all started over a wedding. not ours. but that of the baby brother in question. the best man and the big sister. thrown, unexpectedly, together in a cacophonous blur of final preparations, calming of nerves and the next full beer or glass of wine (for the bride and groom. of course.).

the rhythm of keeping his company was instantly sublime. easy. like an old pair of jeans.