Thursday, January 1, 2009

A-Caroling We Go...

After picking Savannah up from the airport yesterday (she was visiting her dad in Durango) we went to the store and got a little silly. We were really cracking ourselves up and Savannah was convinced that we should have our own show and that everyone would find us hilarious. After I had paid for my purchases, I told the cashier "Happy New Year!" and then launched into a Happy New Year song that I made up on the spot:

happy happy new year
to you my new year's friend
happy happy new year
happy to the end

We continued to sing the song and do a little dance as we exited the store. At this point there was no stopping our dream of having the funniest show the world had ever seen--and then Savannah had the greatest stroke of genius she'd had in the whole of 2008: We should go caroling with our new song and when we reached the end of our tune (and this is the BEST part!) we would give the awed and amazed family who was the victim of our musical assault a baby. I took it so far as to suggest that we could start a charity and at Christmas we would go to Somalia or somewhere where there might be lots of babies that were needy, and we would bring them home and pass them out at New Year's as the parting gift of our caroling crusade. I mean, I still think it sounds like an inspired idea...and if we really want to make it successful, I think we'll invite Ellen and Brangelina to join us (worst-case scenario Brangelina would keep all the kids if people balked at such a thoughtful and generous gift.)

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