Monday, March 22, 2010

enjoy the silence

for some reason lately i just don't want to say anything. and i don't want to capitalize. (what a rebel)

that hasn't stopped the relentlessly annoying narrator that lives in my head and (yes, believe it or not) talks more than i do.

the incessant monologue continues.

and i know it wants to get out.

but i won't let it.

i feel selfish. stubborn. and slightly guilty.

but i'm more mopey than funny lately.

and that's just no fun for you.

although i have some promising directions in which to go...

...i keep fantasizing about ways to silence my cat. (he's more irritating than the voices in my head!) back still aches from an unfortunate and exuberant "cow bell" incident this weekend. ride to work the other day felt like a trip on the knight bus from harry potter--i swear that driver was not from this side of diagon alley.

...i went on a date with a 23-year-old.

so, please bear with me. i will return soon.

in the meantime, enjoy the silence--how often do i shut the eff up anyway?



Lisa said...

23! You will have to tell more :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, not capitalizing is the best! I say rebel.