Saturday, July 3, 2010


On my way home from Terri's tonite I saw brilliant explosions of color and light through my windshield and in my rearview mirror. I was surrounded by fireworks. And it was awesome.

It got me thinking about how many bright, scary, fun and always surprising explosions happen in our lives all the time.

Savannah graduating from high school.

Gabi's irresistable snicker at an "adult" joke she just shouldn't get.

A puppy nuzzling my neck.

Seeing Bachelor #2 drive by me smiling and waving in the Kaysville 4th of July Parade this morning.

A bevy of young, 20-something guys vying for my affections.

Terri's mom having emergency exploratory surgery to find the source of internal bleeding after a "routine" operation yesterday.

The surge of support and love triggered by a text message prayer chain.

Every day we have many "fireworks" moments. Moments that cannot be ignored. That call us to full attention--whether in awe, in excitement, in happiness, in fear, in gratitude, in anger, in sorrow or in laughter.

The form and delivery of these everyday explosions are varied and often unexpected, but what can be relied upon is that they will happen. It can be that touch on your hand that still feels thrilling after years of marriage or that accidental glimpse of your child being completely themselves when they think no one is looking.

It can be an inexplicable feeling of calm in the middle of a furious emotional storm that you fear may overtake you. Or the simple joy of breathing in the air after a rainstorm.

Some days we are searching for miracles and others they just show up, out of the night sky, in our rearview mirror.


Jax said...

Beautifully said. Thank you.

LaRiesse said...

Love it! And so true, thanks for sharing!