Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sick and Tired

Those are my excuses for my absence.

I have been sick




BUT--in a quick decorating update, the neighbors have added a rectangular sort of plaque to the door--above the oblong, belly-level, fall-themed welcome sign--that has a thanksgiving-looking pumpkin on it and says, "Dear Great Pumpkin" in a kind of handwriting style font.

I noticed it on Monday.

Last nite it was face-down in the entryway, having fallen when they closed their door. I picked it up and propped it next to the door so they would find it.

This morning it was absent.

Tonite when I got home it was back on the door--although hanging quite askew.

First of all--"Great Pumpkin?!?!" That is a HALLOWEEN thing (not to mention a Charlie Brown thing!)...someone got their signals crossed.

I want to (and have tried) to take a picture of their door to share, but I am held back by two things:

1: I feel like it might be some kind of security/privacy breach to photograph
and post pictures of my neighbor's front door for the world to see

2: I'm irrationally paranoid that they will see me taking pictures of their
door through the eyehole (is there a more official name for that?) in their door

Bottom line: I'm a chicken.

Anyhoo...Teen Wars will be coming soon to a blog near you!


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