Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Early Bird Special

Terri's birthday is on New Year's Eve. She called me tonite to let me know that she wants to stay in, have sushi and play games with the fam in our jammies.

"Unless you get a better offer," she added. Noting that she would TOTALLY understand if I wanted to go out instead.

Then she started thinking about if she would rather go out, but then details like babysitters, etc. started creeping in and she talked herself out of it as quickly as she (almost) talked herself into it.

"No!" I reassured her. "Sushi and games sounds perfect."

"But you go out," Terri insisted. "You like going out."

No I don't. Not really.

What I do is go for drinks after work. I like to "go out" between five and eight, when it's relatively quiet and I can enjoy every moment of my favorite bartender who I'm absolutely addicted to. We used to go out between nine and 11--and stay until they kicked us out. It instantly dawned on me that this is how people end up eating dinner at three in the afternoon.

"You seem to be right on schedule," Terri quipped as I shared my revelation with her. The only difference between me and those white-haired early bird diners is that I (apparently) drink more regularly than I eat. Some day I'll be drinking at three in the afternoon and then I'll forget about the early bird special and end up paying full price for my senior meal (if I don't pass out before the hunger registers).


Cindy said...

Your blog is blogilicious. And you have great taste in bartenders.

Lee said...

Are you drinking?

Kellie said...

I'd love to meet you for an after work drink sometime!