Thursday, February 16, 2012

ugly nasty hard shit - a brief introduction

my silence has been the direct result of things i have just been too busy mucking through every moment to face head-on. i am now at the place where i need to look the ugly, nasty, hard shit right in the eyes and deal with it.

i like to be entertaining. funny. oddly touching, at times. but i have been too self-consumed and too balls-out in survival mode to do any of those things. mostly i've been scared shitless of baring the really sad, scary, broken parts. but it's come down to broken parts or nothing - so broken parts it is.

i'm just breaking the ice, here - mostly for me. but hopefully it will evolve into the greater purpose of writing some good stuff that is worthy for human consumption.

this is your only warning. what comes after this will be dripping with hurt, anger, pain, love, sadness - and the odd drop of hope.

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