Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Socks

Our family has a long tradition of holiday socks - and not just for Christmas. I have given my children socks for Halloween, Easter, Fourth of July, St. Patty's Day - you name it, I've found a sock for it.

But, of course, Christmas socks seem to be the most memorable.

And not just the outrageously themed ones. My kids actually love the useful, "I-really-need-a-new-pair" socks that they always tend to find under the tree. Just so you know, their sock joy has only increased since they've become legal adults who might be expected to provide their own socks without the aid of their dear, old mum.

Last year I got the best Christmas present a mother could ever hope for - evidence that my kids truly do pay attention to me and the silly, little traditions I have tried to create for them. And it was carefully wrapped in a box and came with a bow.

Each of them - unbeknownst to the other - had chosen the most wonderfully festive socks they could find.

And I was delighted!!

I have been sporting my holiday footwear while wrapping presents, sipping some egg nog and enjoying every bad holiday movie I can find the time to squeeze in.

Here's to my fantastic kidlets, their awesome senses of humor and the sweet, sweet knowledge that things (some more random than others) do sink in.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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