Monday, March 9, 2009

The Hunchback of SLC

Today I am hunched over--literally, not figuratively. I awoke with the usual stiffness in my lower lumbar region and it has yet to dissipate from stretching, movement, time. I am in my not-quite-upright state, and that, combined with my severely pulled back hair (too lazy to wash, dry & straighten/curl this morning) and old-lady sweater, makes me imagine myself as a curmudgeonly witch looking for a prince to turn into a toad or a gluttonous child to shove into my oven. It's not a bad feeling--in fact, I kind of like it. If I could, I would jump on my broomstick and fly to a little cottage in the woods, build a fire, and cozy up with a strong potion and an ancient tome of original fairy tales!

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