Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Wish to Build a Dream On...or Help Make Me the Sego Lilly Blogger!

Rarely in life does the perfect opportunity come along at the perfect time and offer the perfect reward for a job well done. One such gem was waiting for me this morning in my hotmail inbox: The Utah Search for the Sego Lilly Blogger. As I walk/run/drag my feet each day on my current path of gratitude and humility I never cease to be amazed by those who are looking out for me and sending not only encouragement my way but leads for cool ways for me to be my most authentic self--(no, not a highly functioning lush!) a writer.

Here's the skinny:
Sego Lilly Mind Body Spa Sego Lilly Mind Body Spa is looking for a blogger. To choose said blogger, they are having a blogging contest. All the entries will be posted and then YOU, dear reader, will get to vote for the blogger that leaves you wanting more! My bid to be that blogger follows--a little vignette to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

Sounds of the rainforest, yummy smells, soft lighting, and reprieve from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life: these are things I associate with a spa—but it was not always so. When I was a spa-virgin, instead of conjuring images of Solitude, Peace, and Ahhhh…I was filled with Silly Paranoid Anxiety. On some level I knew my apprehensions were ridiculous, but I just couldn’t shake them.

Not only did the world of spas seem like an exclusive club that would never accept me as a member; I was really worried about my panties. Should they stay or should they go? What was the protocol? I didn’t want to leave them on and further clue the Glamorous Spa Tribe in to the fact that they should never have let me cross the threshold—but I didn’t want to take them off for the very same reason. I couldn’t ask anyone because then it would look like I’d never been to a spa before (regardless of the fact that I HAD never been to a spa before!)

I decided to go for modesty (a shock, I know) and keep the panties on. I finished putting my clothes and belongings in my locker and cozied up in a plush, white robe. My therapist came and took me to the room where I’d be having my first treatment—an aromatherapy bath. As I looked at the tub I saw the crystal-clear answer to the panty enigma—worse than being caught with no undies on, is trying to covertly peel them off and stuff them into the pocket of a complementary robe.

My fears did not end with underwear protocol. I have a pair of boots that I love; however, these particular boots are olfactory-challenged. I don’t know if it’s the materials they are made from, but my feet tend to be a little bit funky after spending the day in these boots. Needless to say I found myself at a spa, ready to get a much-needed massage, when I looked down and realized which shoes I had on. Ugh. Why did I wear these boots today?

I was terrified of unleashing my feet and the unholy smell that would accompany them. No one would be willing to touch me now—you just can’t expect people to work under these kinds of conditions! Thank heavens for locker rooms and showers—but I still always wonder if I somehow offend when I’m receiving a service and they give my feet the hot towel treatment.

Now that I am a fairly seasoned spa-goer, I have less anxiety attacks and fewer embarrassing moments. I attribute my comfort level and confidence not to myself and my fabulous personal growth and maturity, but to the gifted members of the Glamorous Spa Tribe. A truly fantastic spa experience leaves you feeling like you are the most important person in the world and that no matter what you do with your underwear or aromatic feet, you are perfect—just as you are.

If you want to hear more spa adventures from this 21st Century WonderWoman, then be sure to stay tuned for how you can vote for my blog & help make me the
Sego Lilly Blogger !! (If that link doesn't work, go to http://segolilyspa.com/blog/contest-entry/ to find out more!)

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