Monday, April 26, 2010

Bachelor #2: Date #1

Tonite is my second eHarmony date.

I am strangely optimistic after the success of the first date. Tonite is the first date with another match--that's two down!

This guy will make for an entertaining story regardless of how the actual date goes, because I already know some horrendous online dating stories from the past that he has shared with me. It's kinda fun to see the freaky from the guy's perspective!

Even after his visits to the Twilight Zone during past dates, he still offered to pick me up--at my house--before I'd ever met him. He still has some things to learn about this online dating thing. ALWAYS meet up somewhere public first. This guy's an officer of the law--he should know these things!

But, his modern dating naivety and the fact that he met the cop psych profile aside, I have really enjoyed my conversations with Bachelor #2 and hope that tonite will be a lot of fun!

So, off to make myself pretty (wish me luck!) and I will fill you in later!


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