Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Out of sight...out of mind (sort of)

I don't know exactly when my kids will be home. And...to be perfectly honest...I don't very much care at this moment. I know they are safe. I know they will be home. I know that they are just a text or call away if I need to reassure myself of previously-stated safety and homebound status.

I like these small snatches of freedom. Eating chips and French onion dip with a glass of chardonnay for dinner. Taking a bath at 7pm. Wandering the house naked while I let myself air-dry and both my bedroom TV and the living room TV blare American Idol so that as I wander up and down, from room to room, I won't miss one stupid minute!

Unless you've known the reality (and joy! always joy) of being completely responsible for someone else's life, well-being and happiness every single day for almost 18 years, you may not get my exultation in these increasingly frequent on-my-own moments.

If I could get my cats to hit the road (and stop their incessant whining and bids for love, affection and attention) it would be a perfect evening!


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Monica said...

LOVED this one!