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12 Things I Love About Lorelai Gilmore

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If mommyhood were high school, then Lorelai Gilmore would definitely be sitting at the cool table. She's hip, she's fun and she's most definitely hot. She's the kind of gal you want to confide in, and she's always good for a laugh, a lark or a scathingly sarcastic come-back.

She's the anti-Donna Reed, and God help us, we love her for it!

In honor of the supremely cool Lorelai, here's my list of the top 12 things about her that absolutely adore.

1. She's a Fierce Momma Bear
Lorelai may move through men faster than Miss Patty can find them, but one thing on which she never wavers if her immovable devotion to Rory. When it comes to dating, no dad (even one cleaning out a gun on the front porch) has ever been more terrifying than Lorelai Gilmore when she's telling Dean, Jess or Logan exactly how things are  and how they're going to be.

2. She Can Do TakeOut Like Nobody's Business

Julia Child she is not, but she can take a phone and a slew of take-away menus and turn them into a mind-boggling feast that only those who dig the Gilmore world can fathom. Whether it's from Luke's, Al's Pancake World, or an odd assortment of Chinese, Indian, and pizza establishments, Lorelai turns ordering takeout into an art form. Rory's inaugural night at the Yale dorm was a masterpiece.

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3. She's Knows How to Do Life Like a Boss
This teenage momma worked her way up from housekeeping and sleeping in the spare shed to owning her own home and, later, her own inn as well. She outsources bake sale projects to the unsinkable (and gastronomically gifted) Sooki, she has coffee running through her veins, and she does it all in figure-hugging wrap dresses and knee-high boots. If she was into musical domination instead of quaint New England inns, she'd definitely give "Empire's" Cookie a run for her hard-earned money.

4. She's 100% Committed to Who She Is

Maybe the reason Lorelai can't seem to say "I Do" to someone else, is because she already tied the knot with herself. There's no talking to this lady when she sets her mind to something — and she doesn't distinguish between that which is good for her and that which is bad. But even when she makes you want to slap her (sleeping with Christopher again?!?!?) you have to admire her commitment to the action at hand. Whether it's stubbornly defying her mother, doggedly supporting Rory or pathetically seeking comfort from her baby daddy, she jumps in with both feet every time.

5. She's the Best Friend a Girl (or Guy) Could Ask For

In the midst of running her inn and single-mumming the hell out of her daughter, Lorelai still manages to make time for the supporting players in her life — most notably Sookie and Luke. Even though she doesn't always follow through (leaving Luke in the lurch on painting party night), she always means well and she usually goes way over the top to make up for her mistakes. She even knows Sookie's pregnant before Sookie does. Lorelai and her friends are woven into one another's lives without reservation and I think that's a beautiful sight.

6. She Loves Cheesy Shit

And I'm not just talking about pizza. Lorelai is in love with things like balloons at birthday parties, wacky town traditions and the first snow of the year. She loves the romance and spectacle of classics like "Casablanca" and "An American in Paris," but equally digs the "Final Destination" franchise and "Hard Bodies." She buys all the candy in Willy Wonka before sitting down to view the movie. She's a dork and she does it balls-out.

7. She Gives Back to the Community

It may seem like the town is always coming to Lorelai's rescue, but they wouldn't be there for her if she wasn't an integral part of the fabric of Stars Hollow. She and Rory are key players in all the town's many festivals and traditions — and when all the guests for the Victorian-themed Bracebridge Dinner get snowed in, she invites the town to come stay at the Inn and enjoy all the goodies (including Jackson in tights and horse-drawn sleigh rides!).

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8. She's Beautifully Flawed
Lorelai has inspired a cult-like following of ladies who look up to her, but the best part is that Lorelai isn't perfect. She messes up a lot. And she messes up spectacularly. In fact, I put forth that Lorelai may have been one of the original "Bad Moms" as brought to us on the big screen by Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn and Kristin Bell. It's great to see a role model that doesn't get everything right.

9. She's Plucky

From its fun pronunciation to its undaunted definition, there's hardly a more apt word out there to describe Momma Gilmore. No matter what happens, she has an uncanny ability to get back up, dust herself off and live to snark another day. Neither fire, nor arrests, nor car accidents, controlling mothers, or bad-boy boyfriends can keep Lorelai Gilmore down.

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10. She Has No Filter
One of her most recognizable traits is her rapid-fire dialogue, chock-full of obscure pop culture references and dripping with sarcasm. Sometimes it's funny, others it's endearing, but every so often it gets her in trouble. 

I don't think Lorelai even knows what an internal monologue is, but that makes her an open book that we get to read. And we get to live vicariously through her often ill-timed rants that put all the posh people on edge — and make them more uncomfortable than the sticks that are so well-placed up their arses.

11. She Eats Dessert First 

— not every time, but Lorelai definitely has no qualms about ordering desert. She's constantly eating donuts, cake, pop tarts, pie, candy, and pretty much anything that's artificially flavored and stuffed with sugar. I just wish I could eat like Lorelai and still keep my girlish figure — I've never seen this junk food junkie work out, and it's simply not fair!

12. She Believes Life is Cause to Celebrate

One thing Lorelai does very well is mark an occasion. She throws killer slumber parties (just ask April), plans elaborate movie nights, simulates Asia in her house when Rory's plans change and takes on four Thanksgivings in one day. Lorelai doesn't hold back when it comes to celebrating life's important moments and she works hard to intentionally create memorable experiences for Rory to take away with her into the world. I've tried to do the same with my kids, and I love it every time Lorelai turns an ordinary Thursday into a special occasion.

Day #25 "Gilmore Girls" Words to Live By

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(In true Paris Gellar form I'm going to write both sides of the issue, because I can - check back tomorrow for Things I Can't Stand About Lorelai Gilmore)

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