Sunday, November 27, 2016

26 Days Until I Can Watch "Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life" (or Who the Hell Decided Patience Was a Virtue?)

Unlike the rest of the "Gilmore Girls" devotees out there, my wait for the return to Stars Hollow has not ended. Indeed, the worst days, I fear, are still to come.

When we first learned of the new "Gilmore Girls" installment, my kidlets and I made a pact to set aside all other cares, obligations and considerations in order to huddle together on the couch (with ample junk food, of course!) and go back to Luke's Diner, town meetings, and the Dragonfly Inn together.

Our original plan was to commence on the day after Thanksgiving, the day the series was released. However, despite our best intentions (always paving that road) it was simply not possible for us all to come together. We discussed our options - viewing remotely together through FaceTime or Skype or plain, old phone calls, viewing separately and then re-viewing together - and decided that  we simply could accept no substitutes to our original game plan.

Besides - if Lorelai could completely postpone Christmas itself until Rory returned from jolly old England - we could delay our "Gilmore Girls" reunion for a few weeks.

But now we must be on our guard and avoid any and all spoilers about the super-anticipated show we all love. Fortunately, the holidays should provide plenty of distraction along the way. And, to help me while away the Gilmore-less days to come, I've decided to post a Girls-centric blog every day until the viewing.

And, believe it or not, I have a LOT to say,.

So, if you're sick of all the "Gilmore Girls" nostalgia, I'm sorry - ignore me and my rantings for the next little while. However, if you - like me - have discovered new things to love (and a few things you don't love so much, after all) about the spirited, quick-witted, pop culture-loving phenoms of Stars Hollow, keep an eye out for my daily epistle.

 Day #26 "Gilmore Girls" Words to Live By

"Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch."

"Well, then buy me a boa and drive me to Reno, because I am open for business!"

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