Thursday, December 1, 2016

21 Days to Go - A Look at My Loinfruits & Me

One of the reasons I love "Gilmore Girls" so much is because my kids love it. Savannah was the one who discovered it and brought it into our lives and Tyler and I fell hopelessly in love right along with her. We got it. We related to it. We wanted to be as close and sassy and sarcastic and caffeinated as Lorelai and Rory - and we've done pretty damn good. We are each others' lifeboats just as they are, so in honor of the awesomeness of fierce, fantastic family, here's a glimpse at us through the years...

Day #21 - Gilmore Girls Words to Live By

"We're almost there, but nowhere near it.
All that matters is that we're going."

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