Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Gilmore Girls Observances by Tyler & Me

YAY! My Tyler-boy is home!! And, as expected, we have jumped right into some "Gilmore Girls" viewing. NOT the new season, of course, because we are missing the third of our three musketeers, but a few important, selected catch-up episodes for the sone who has not yet made it back through ALL the episodes!

So, the most wonderful of all wonderful things occurred as we began our GG session - we realized that we had MANY similar observations of the characters and series and I decided that those observations MUST be the next post I make.

Here goes...

1. Paris is crazy and scary and awesome and crazy. This is not a news flash to anyone, but as we watched her "hunkered down in her hobo hut inside the 'Daily News'" (so said Tyler) it came into acute and glorious focus. We loves ya, Paris, we LOVE ya!!! (and - YEAH - Paris Gellar does NOT perp walk!)

2. Rory is a creepy kisser. I really thought it was just about those gross first kisses with Dean, but, really, she's not an awesome kisser. And Tyler agrees. He thinks that Alexis isn't even good at it when she's not Rory - like in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." Ewwwww!

3. Tyler dresses just like Luke. In fact, they are literally wearing the same shirt right now as we watch season 6, episode 14. Yup.

4. Emily is just divine! Again, not a news flash, but one thing that we all seem to agree on is how much we LOVE Emily Gilmore. Sure, she's infuriating much of the time. But she's the OG when it comes to infuriating, passive-aggressive, shrill, biting comments and manipulative cahoots!

5. Sometimes Rory's bangs are a bit heavy. That's all. There's really not more to say.

6. Luke does sort of resemble Nicolas Cage. I recently made a post on Facebook about one of my favorite holiday movies, "The Family Man," starring Nicolas Cage. My mom made a comment, "Do you think Luke looks like Nicolas?" It took me a minute to figure out which Luke she meant, but then it was obvi. And, yes, tonite Tyler and I have noticed that Luke does, at times, resemble Nicolas Cage. Especially without the baseball cap.

7. Rory's immaturity and fit-throwing bug us so much because we're used to her being the grownup. Our catch-up viewing tour started with "Friday Night's All Right for Fighting" because of Savannah's strong recommendation and insistence that the family tension showcased at the end of the episode felt very, very familiar.

Anyhoo - as I've already pointed out, this episode in particular seems to showcase Lorelai acting the mature parent with wise insights and helpful advice, while Rory acted the petulant, spoiled, only child (according to Emily at dinner!). The point is, Tyler said he wanted to throttle Rory and I explained that she is supposed  to be acting like a brat and figuring things out and being ridiculous - because she's young and growing and learning. Lorelai, on the other hand, should have been the grownup all along, but she doesn't usually act like it - however, she suddenly jumps the shark in this episode into a wise, maternal sage spouting helpful, rational, reasonable, forgiving and even generous guidance. It's weird.

It may not look like it, but this is Lorelai's shining, mature mom moment!

Well, friends, that's about it. Today is the last day in our resistance of the new GG episodes. Tomorrow we will dive in!


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