Monday, December 5, 2016

I want Nanny!

Remember when Doyle was sick and Paris had zero patience for it and totally sucked at taking care of him? But then she had one of her best brainstorms ever and pulled Nanny off the bench to nurse him back to health?

I wish I had a Nanny.

I know I'm a mom and there are many traits of mine that, in the right context, get mistaken for nurturing, but I am not awesome at taking care of sick peopleespecially if the sick people are my significant other.

Matty Patty has been sick for, like, EVER. And it totally sucks. And he is completely miserable. And, very selfishly, so am I. I just want him to feel better already. I lack patience for coughing and other unpleasant sounds sick people make. I have also had a cough, and I'm sure he doesn't think it's super sexy, but at least mine has had the decency to mostly go away by now.

Even with my kids, I know I wasn't the best when they were sick. I'm good at offering the things I can offer, such as meds, hot beverages, soup, a bath, a blanket. But then I want you to take what you like from the comforts on my menu, go to sleep, and wake up all better.

I don't know why I have so little patience for sick people. Maybe it's a sign that I have little patience for people in general.

Which, I guess, is pretty true. That's why right now, as I go through this girlfriend trialand fail spectacularlyParis is my hero.

Here's to you, Gellerlong may you rave!

She knows herselfher strengths and her weaknesses

She gives zero fucks about most things most of the time.

She knew what Terri and I try to teach all the young womenwear the bikini when you're young!

She has no time for stupidity.

She never takes her eye off the prize.

Day #17 Gilmore Girls Words to Live By

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