Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas is Coming...

December is finally upon us (actually, it came amazingly quickly this year) and I can now launch unabashedly into the holiday season—belting out jaunty Christmas tunes and swigging back the eggnog, wassail, or other festive beverage to which copious amounts of alcohol can be added!

My darling daughter jump-started my Scrooge-after-the –ghosts enthusiasm with her naked, heartfelt confession of love and gratitude at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

We were able to spend this Thanksgiving with our urban family at LaRiesse’s condo at the Gaystone. Thanks to her girlfriend Michele (whom Terri has aptly dubbed the Martha Stewart of lesbians), we were all able to sit down together at one long table—and there was even a butter dish! (you had to be there)

As we started to dig into the hodge-podge collection of traditional and non-traditional fare (sushi, bourbon sweet potatoes, ham, risotto & funeral potatoes) Shalamar suggested that we go around the table and have each person share what they were thankful for this year.

It went along smoothly, humorously, and sincerely—and then there was Gabi. She brought the table to tears.

She decided to say what she was grateful for about each person at the table. Jeff was seated to her left and she started with him.

“I’m thankful for Jeff because he is like a dad to me when my dad isn’t there.”

She went on from there and said equally wonderful things about everyone; however, as I recall this a week later (with tears glistening in my eyes) that’s where my heart—and my memory—stops.

(I will be posting a blog a day until Christmas—so don’t forget to check back or subscribe!)


Monica B. said...

Gabi is an amazingly sensitive young woman. She never ceases to show genuine emotion openly and passionately. I am thankful that I have such a shining example of how to live life out loud!

Kathie said...

Gabi is so precious. She has a good heart. I love her so much.